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Head of the Program - Master in Law

Prof YudhaGreetings,

Faculty of Law Universitas Airlangga, as the pioneer of progressive, dynamic, and sustainable legal studies in Eastern Indonesia, has committed to deliver resourceful legal education and services. The establishment of Master’s Program in Law in the Faculty of Law of Universitas Airlangga is a manifestation of the advancement in legal studies in concern to the dynamics of science and of modern societies. The program takes a leap forward from its vision of “Becoming an independent, innovative, acclaimed, and adaptive Master’s Program in Law; a pioneer of legal studies oriented to creating jurists with exceptional legal competences and moral value,”  and the mission to “Provide education on legal studies to produce jurists with legal competences with the purpose of: (1) developing innovative researches to support the study of law, (2) providing service for the community, and (3) practicing Tri Dharma oriented towards quality assurance and national and international competitive advantages”. The objective of UNAIR‘s Master’s Program in Law is to produce professional jurists with outstanding legal competences and moral value. This is in line with the motto of Universitas Airlangga: ‘Excellence with Morality’. This motto implies a synergy between a well-managed education system—along with its acclaimed long-term experience as a highly qualified higher education institution, and professional faculty members—and the strengthening of moral values to guarantee the quality of the graduates. UNAIR’s Master’s Program in Law currently offers specific majors to provide opportunities of for gaining knowledge in legal affairs and the best learning experience. For that matter, along with stakeholder’s ever-increasing demand on for the quality of graduates, the program’s curriculum is designed based on competences expected by the stakeholders and job market. The majors include: Business Law (with a concentration on general business or Islamic business), Court Trial, Government Law, and International Law. Public’s attention on to legal issues is growing in this globalized world in form of various legal forums. The increase in the number of these forums at both regional and international level has created an opportunity, challenge, and solution altogether for the ongoing dynamics. The understanding of legal aspect, thus, have become more urgent and strategic. The choice to study law, especially UNAIR’s Master’s Program in Law, is indeed a rational, objective, and future-oriented option.

Ex oriente Lux! Thank you. Wassalamualaikum wr.wb.